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Gibraltar is an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom. It is located on the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula at the Strait of Gibraltar that links the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea and placing it between Europe and Africa. The territory shares a land border with Spain, to the north. Gibraltar has historically been an important base for the British Armed Forces, and is the site of a large naval base. The name of the rock comes from the Arabic name of Jabal aţ-Ţāriq (جبل الطارق) meaning mountain of Tariq. It refers to the Ummayad general Tariq ibn-Ziyad who led the Moorish invasion of Iberia in 711. Earlier it was known as Calpe, one of the Pillars of Hercules. Today, Gibraltar is also known colloquially as "Gib" or "the Rock". The sovereignty of Gibraltar is a major issue of contention in Anglo-Spanish relations. Spain requests the return of sovereignty, ceded by Spain in perpetuity in 1713. Any transfer has been consistently and totally rejected by almost all Gibraltarians.